There's No Place Like Home

There are a couple of things in life that I am obsessed with…

            1 - LOST  .. I cried the morning after the finale aired
       2 - Animals….see my zoo:

Squints - our 1 eyed rescue cat

Oliver - our handsome boy

Pickles - she's cute, but fresh


3 -  The Wizard of Oz

That being said, when I saw this yesterday….

Wizard of Oz scrapbook paper!!

It's so pretty!

LOVE it!

I cried actual tears because of how much I loved it.  I knew I would never, ever use the paper though and when Trish asked what I would do with it, I responded “Look at it every day because it’s so pretty.” 

I walked around hugging it for awhile, but ultimately put it back after several eye rolls from a certain someone.  But…my birthday is coming up in less than a week so to anyone who would like to get me the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER, you can find that Wizard of Oz paper right where I put it back, hidden on the back shelf of Michael’s inside the 2nd orange scrapbook on the highest shelf…what? That’s where I found it!

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