Wooden Letters & Hazlet Day!

In addition to scrapbooking, Trish and I love to do all different types of creative and crafty things.  

These wooden letters are really popular right now for kids / baby rooms and are our newest creation:

We decorated this sample for your typical little boy (sports, dinosaurs and trains!). We can customize them based on favorite things/colors/characters/etc.  

These are a great gift idea, and make great accessories for a room.  They are also really fun to design and make!  They are available to order on our website, or you can order them in person if you come visit us at our next fair!

We are going to Hazlet Day 2011 in Hazlet, New Jersey this Saturday, October 1st!  We will be setting up a table again with pre-made albums, pages, cards as well as order forms so we can customize your orders!  Come visit us!


St. Mark's Flea Market/Street Fair

Over the weekend, we had a table set up at St. Mark's Flea Market/Street Fair in Keansburg, NJ!

It was a great event with lots of vendors and other crafters.  We met many wonderful people and received some great tips!

Here's some pictures of the day:

Our Table!

Handmade Frame & Letter

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At our table, we were selling many products including:

- Individual pre-made pages
- Pre-made books: summer, little boy & little girl themed
- Framed wedding page
- Handmade "Little Monkey" frame
- Handmade Letter "M"

All of these products can be customized and are available for sale on our website.

We had a great time at our first event, it was definitely a success!! Can't wait for the next one!



One of my favorite scrapbooking techniques is quilling.  I've been doing a lot of it lately, and think I am getting pretty good at it (that's me patting myself on the back right there).  I'm going to keep practicing, and I think this will be my new favorite embellishments for pages & cards!

What do you think of my quilled flower and Christmas tree?


Summer Pages

We've been working on some great pre-made summer pages that will be available for sale at the St. Mark's Flea Market/Street Festival on September 10th in Keansburg, NJ.   Come visit us at our table to see samples of our work, and to purchase pre-made books, pages, and cards! 

Here are some of the pages we've been crafting:

Check out our website to see more pictures!! 


Prices Slashed!

Check out our website for our new lower prices on custom scrapbooks, cards, and other keepsakes!!

Thanks for the continued support!!


Birthday Girl

Today is my 25th birthday, which means I’m excited for 3 reasons: 

1 - Today is officially all about me! 

2 - Birthday pictures = lots of scrapbooks later

3 - Today I get my iPhone after years of crappy phones

Our phones always seem to have a magnet to any ocean, bay, lake, river, toilet, puddle, or exceptionally dewy patch of grass in a 100 mile radius. 

Trish is worse than I am with this.  She once climbed into the bay in Ocean City and swam for a HALF HOUR before realizing her phone was in her pocket.  She also dropped her phone in the toilet the day of her graduation, and then her replacement phone in a puddle (on a non-rainy day, who does that?!)

My accidents are not as bad.  Once at a bar, I dropped my phone on the floor (which was wet with what I HOPE was drinks) and it stopped working.  Keep in mind that my phone apparently has a defense mechanism so every time I drop it, it splits into 3 pieces….phone, battery, and back of phone...EVERY TIME!

So with every phone (minus the bay incident - there was really no saving that) we try everything to dry it out…blow dryers, white rice, you name it…and 3 days and 2 bags of rice later, we end up getting a new phone.  We just seem to have bad luck.  So thankfully, we decided to splurge and today we will be going from crap phones to iPhones!

Better phones = not even needing to bring my camera everywhere = more pictures (yea that’s what I need!)

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Thank You Cards

Today, I worked on some Thank You cards for the people nice enough to watch our zoo while we were away:

I also added some new pages onto our website, check them out here!