Off to a GREAT start!

Hello everyone!

Well it’s been only 2 short days since we launched our blog, website, and Facebook page, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!  Everyone from friends and family to other scrapbookers online have been amazingly supportive and we are so grateful!

We worked all weekend to create more sample pages, upload more pictures, and get all our online sites up and running smoothly. 

Trish had her hands full this weekend playing around with our new digital scrapbooking software (Craft Artist), which is a great tool that we hope to utilize in the future.  She also created this awesome logo:

(See why she does the computer stuff?)

Thanks to everyone who has liked our Facebook page and has offered us advice and opinions.  Keep checking back for more blog entries and updates! 


  1. Lorie H10.8.11

    Best of luck with your new blog! Look forward to your postings and maybe some photos of your pages, Maybe some helpful hints for us newbie scrapers....

  2. Thanks for the support!! We are definitely going to be posting pages, layouts, tips & techniques...keep reading! Thanks!