Summer Pages

We've been working on some great pre-made summer pages that will be available for sale at the St. Mark's Flea Market/Street Festival on September 10th in Keansburg, NJ.   Come visit us at our table to see samples of our work, and to purchase pre-made books, pages, and cards! 

Here are some of the pages we've been crafting:

Check out our website to see more pictures!! 


Prices Slashed!

Check out our website for our new lower prices on custom scrapbooks, cards, and other keepsakes!!

Thanks for the continued support!!


Birthday Girl

Today is my 25th birthday, which means I’m excited for 3 reasons: 

1 - Today is officially all about me! 

2 - Birthday pictures = lots of scrapbooks later

3 - Today I get my iPhone after years of crappy phones

Our phones always seem to have a magnet to any ocean, bay, lake, river, toilet, puddle, or exceptionally dewy patch of grass in a 100 mile radius. 

Trish is worse than I am with this.  She once climbed into the bay in Ocean City and swam for a HALF HOUR before realizing her phone was in her pocket.  She also dropped her phone in the toilet the day of her graduation, and then her replacement phone in a puddle (on a non-rainy day, who does that?!)

My accidents are not as bad.  Once at a bar, I dropped my phone on the floor (which was wet with what I HOPE was drinks) and it stopped working.  Keep in mind that my phone apparently has a defense mechanism so every time I drop it, it splits into 3 pieces….phone, battery, and back of phone...EVERY TIME!

So with every phone (minus the bay incident - there was really no saving that) we try everything to dry it out…blow dryers, white rice, you name it…and 3 days and 2 bags of rice later, we end up getting a new phone.  We just seem to have bad luck.  So thankfully, we decided to splurge and today we will be going from crap phones to iPhones!

Better phones = not even needing to bring my camera everywhere = more pictures (yea that’s what I need!)

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Thank You Cards

Today, I worked on some Thank You cards for the people nice enough to watch our zoo while we were away:

I also added some new pages onto our website, check them out here!



We are back from our weekend camping trip at Assateague Island!! For those who don't know, Assateague Island is an island near Ocean City, Maryland where wild ponies run free.  We've camped there 2 years in a row, and had terrific experiences.  We took some amazing pictures:

I definitely suggest this camping trip for anyone who enjoys sleeping under the stars (and close to ponies!)

And now, I get to scrapbook camping pictures (which I love to do!)

Here are some of my camping scrapbook pages from last year:

Time to get ready for this years photos!!


There's No Place Like Home

There are a couple of things in life that I am obsessed with…

            1 - LOST  .. I cried the morning after the finale aired
       2 - Animals….see my zoo:

Squints - our 1 eyed rescue cat

Oliver - our handsome boy

Pickles - she's cute, but fresh


3 -  The Wizard of Oz

That being said, when I saw this yesterday….

Wizard of Oz scrapbook paper!!

It's so pretty!

LOVE it!

I cried actual tears because of how much I loved it.  I knew I would never, ever use the paper though and when Trish asked what I would do with it, I responded “Look at it every day because it’s so pretty.” 

I walked around hugging it for awhile, but ultimately put it back after several eye rolls from a certain someone.  But…my birthday is coming up in less than a week so to anyone who would like to get me the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER, you can find that Wizard of Oz paper right where I put it back, hidden on the back shelf of Michael’s inside the 2nd orange scrapbook on the highest shelf…what? That’s where I found it!


Off to a GREAT start!

Hello everyone!

Well it’s been only 2 short days since we launched our blog, website, and Facebook page, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!  Everyone from friends and family to other scrapbookers online have been amazingly supportive and we are so grateful!

We worked all weekend to create more sample pages, upload more pictures, and get all our online sites up and running smoothly. 

Trish had her hands full this weekend playing around with our new digital scrapbooking software (Craft Artist), which is a great tool that we hope to utilize in the future.  She also created this awesome logo:

(See why she does the computer stuff?)

Thanks to everyone who has liked our Facebook page and has offered us advice and opinions.  Keep checking back for more blog entries and updates! 


Breaking Into Blogging (and Scrapbooking)!

Hi everyone! We are so excited to be writing our first post on our new scrapbooking blog!!  We are scrapbook/general arts & crafts lovers hoping to break into the world of professional scrapbooking and blogging! 

First a little about who we are…

My name is Jessica, and I live in Staten Island, New York with Trish and our zoo of animals (2 adorable pups & a cat).  I come from a scrapbooking family; my Mom was a huge scrapbooker and at different times in my life had converted the living room, basement, and even her bedroom into her “scrapbook room”.  I learned all the basics from her and she helped me develop my love of the creating!

I love to scrapbook because it appeals to my creative & crafty sides and helps me showcase my fun, bubbly personality.  I love documenting and capturing happy moments in people’s lives and turning them into forever memories.  I have always made scrapbooks for my family and friends, so it seems fitting that I could share my passion with others.

Trish is from New Jersey and is fairly new to the art of scrapbooking.  She’s extremely artistic and crafty, but has always used her skills in cooking and baking.  Trish is amazing at a lot of things, and she is an extreme perfectionist!  I always knew she had the ability to scrapbook and she is very patient (especially patient with me when I turned our apartment upside down with scrapbooking supplies including turning our coat closet into a closet for scrapbook supplies!).  Trish loves finding the newest techniques in the scrapbooking world, and of course perfecting them.  Trish is also amazing with the computer and so I use her as my own personal Geek squad. 

Our hope with this blog is to share ideas, skills, and experiences with you as we attempt to start our scrapbooking business.  We will be posting our newest online finds, mixed in with tips, projects, ideas, and personal stories from our crazy, hectic lives.  So thanks for reading, and we hope you continue coming back to keep up with us!

Help support our effort by visiting us at http://timelesscreationsbyjess.weebly.com/.