Birthday Girl

Today is my 25th birthday, which means I’m excited for 3 reasons: 

1 - Today is officially all about me! 

2 - Birthday pictures = lots of scrapbooks later

3 - Today I get my iPhone after years of crappy phones

Our phones always seem to have a magnet to any ocean, bay, lake, river, toilet, puddle, or exceptionally dewy patch of grass in a 100 mile radius. 

Trish is worse than I am with this.  She once climbed into the bay in Ocean City and swam for a HALF HOUR before realizing her phone was in her pocket.  She also dropped her phone in the toilet the day of her graduation, and then her replacement phone in a puddle (on a non-rainy day, who does that?!)

My accidents are not as bad.  Once at a bar, I dropped my phone on the floor (which was wet with what I HOPE was drinks) and it stopped working.  Keep in mind that my phone apparently has a defense mechanism so every time I drop it, it splits into 3 pieces….phone, battery, and back of phone...EVERY TIME!

So with every phone (minus the bay incident - there was really no saving that) we try everything to dry it out…blow dryers, white rice, you name it…and 3 days and 2 bags of rice later, we end up getting a new phone.  We just seem to have bad luck.  So thankfully, we decided to splurge and today we will be going from crap phones to iPhones!

Better phones = not even needing to bring my camera everywhere = more pictures (yea that’s what I need!)

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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