Wooden Letters & Hazlet Day!

In addition to scrapbooking, Trish and I love to do all different types of creative and crafty things.  

These wooden letters are really popular right now for kids / baby rooms and are our newest creation:

We decorated this sample for your typical little boy (sports, dinosaurs and trains!). We can customize them based on favorite things/colors/characters/etc.  

These are a great gift idea, and make great accessories for a room.  They are also really fun to design and make!  They are available to order on our website, or you can order them in person if you come visit us at our next fair!

We are going to Hazlet Day 2011 in Hazlet, New Jersey this Saturday, October 1st!  We will be setting up a table again with pre-made albums, pages, cards as well as order forms so we can customize your orders!  Come visit us!

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